Fox to Sell Cheap DVDs in China

Fox plans to sell inexpensive DVDs in China aiming to curb piracy of its movies within the region. The country accounted for some $244 million in lost ticket and DVD sales during 2005 according to the MPAA, and many studios have already given up on selling genuine discs. However, with DVD sales slowing in the United States, movie distributors are eager to find new markets to offset the decline in sales.

To lure consumers away from counterfeit DVDs, the discs would be sold at about 20 to 25 yuan (US$2.54-$3.18), about twice as much as the going price for a pirated disc on the street - about 10 yuan. The program is similar to one being tried by Warner Bros in the region. Both say they are not aiming to compete with one another; rather, both are dropping prices in order to curb piracy.

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