Vista's Graphical Power Shown with UniveRSS

While many may have not understood exactly what the Windows Presentation Foundation meant for Vista, a new application from Microsoft to visualize RSS feeds may provide a glimpse into the future.

Several WPF features are shown off in the example, including 3D animation functionality, data binding and data visualization, While the current version uses the RSS folder in IE7, future versions would allow for feed management within the software

UniveRSS provides a method for users to display their RSS in a 3-D "universe." In this space, the "galaxies" represent the various folders, and the cubed-shaped "stars" represent each feed. Spinning these cubes would reveal the information contained within.


Furthermore, the size of these cubes also would give visual clues as to the number of unread items they contain. To identify each cube, the logo or feed picture of the site is used. To get the most out of UniveRSS, Microsoft recommends using feeds that include such information.

Navigation through the environment is much like a video game, Microsoft says. "Selecting items in lists will turn the cube to the next side displaying the item's content including images," it said. "Just click the right mouse buttons and you turn back to the list view or to the galaxy."

Microsoft recommends that UniveRSS only be installed on Windows Vista Premium-ready PCs to ensure the best experience. This would include a PC with a 1GHz or better processor, 1GB of RAM, and Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel.

Additional features are planned for the future. Among them are alternative methods to navigate the application, advanced search and sorting, integration with Microsoft's Live platform, and more customization options.

Those wishing to test out the application can download UniveRSS from FileForum.

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