Firefox Continues to Gain Market Share

Mozilla's Firefox browser continues to gain market share. However, the launch of Internet Explorer 7 by Microsoft may have acted to temper some of the alternative browser's gains. According to research firm WebSideStory, Firefox had a 10.7 percent share at the beginning of December, up from 9.84 percent in mid-October. IE, on the other hand, dropped from 89.1 percent to 88.2 percent during the same period.

It still appears that Internet Explorer is more commonly used in the workplace, as the firm noted Firefox's share often increases during the weekends. This likely means that a higher percentage of Web users have chosen Mozilla's offering for use at home. In addition, the company's research shows that nearly one out of every five web users have upgraded their browsers since IE7 and Firefox 2.0 were released over the past two months.


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