Poll: Tech Brands Infuential in 2006

An annual survey of the world's most influential brands in 2006 indicates that technology companies are increasingly garnering the most attention, with Google and Apple leading the pack.

The survey is commissioned by brandchannel.com, a branding e-magazine, and asks 3,625 industry professionals and students to rank the top brands. For the second straight year, Google grabbed the top spot, followed by Apple, which also appeared in second in 2005.

However, the company barely edged out YouTube, which made its debut to the list in the third spot. Also debuting high on the list was Wikipedia, which placed fourth in the survey.

"The backbone of both brands is user-created content: one allows you to watch (or upload your own version of) a 'Mentos eruption' that occurs when you slip the chewy candies into a bottle of diet cola, while the other details why this junk-food fireworks takes place," editor Anthony Zumpano said.

Tied for fifth were Starbucks and Nokia, with the coffee shop dropping one spot, and the cell phone maker gaining one. The only other technology company to place in the survey was Skype in seventh, which fell four spots from its 2005 ranking.

While many polls use other factors, such as financial data or positive or negative impact of the brand in figuring out rankings, brandchannel.com's survey only uses votes.

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