PS3 US Sales Stabilize, Wii Sales Drop in March

Data for the month of March from NPD Group indicates that the PlayStation 3's rapid decline in sales in the US has stabilized, while sales of the Wii are falling back to earth.

For the month, the PS3 sold 130,000 consoles, up about 2 percent from the past month. While the change is statistically insignificant due to it being within the margin of error for the survey, it still shows signs that sales have begun to stabilize.


Nintendo's Wii saw the largest month-to-month drop, selling 259,000 units, down 23 percent from the previous month, matching February's decline percentage-wise. However, it was still good enough for first place by a significant margin over Microsoft's Xbox 360.

The 360 saw a similar drop, with sales in March of 199,000 units. That was down 13 percent from the previous month. However, still strong was the PlayStation 2, with sales of 280,000, down 5 percent.

Of video game titles, the PS2's God of War II, topped the charts, while Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter and Guitar Hero II, both for Xbox 360, followed in second and third.

Altogether sales of video games, devices, and accessories were $1.1 billion USD in March, up 33 percent year over year.

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