Australia May Restrict Plasma and LCD TVs

An Australian government-commissioned report recently said that Plasma and LCD TV's consume more power than traditional CRT displays and thus strict regulations must be placed upon them.

The study and subsequent report came in answer to the government's Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee fact sheet that said these types of televisions are contributing to skyrocketing energy consumption in the country. It is speculated that they could overtake refrigerators, air conditioning units and washing machines as the major contributors to household greenhouse gasses.


The report says that energy rating levels similar to those placed on other appliances will be needed. But under the system, slated to be in place next year, only 4 out of 20 of current plasma TVs they tested meet energy requirements. Most LCDs of comparable size only pass with the worst possible rating.

A proposed tightening of the system, which would take place by April 2011, would make it even harder to achieve that barely-passing grade. This means that not a single current model Plasma TV would be acceptable in Australia, effectively forbidding Plasma screens entirely.

Some industry figures think the 166-page report, compiled by consulting group Digital CEnergy, is unrealistic.

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