MacBooks Get a Slight Speed Bump

Apple on Thursday quietly pushed updates to its MacBook line of laptops, giving them integrated video, a faster front side bus, and slightly faster processors. The white models will be bumped to 2.0 and 2.2GHz, while the black model gets the 2.2GHz processor. All the chips now are based on the Santa Rosa architecture, Macrumors reported. In addition, all models come with an 800Mhz front side bus, and GMA X3100 integrated video.

Customers may also choose to upgrade their MacBooks to 2.6GHz processor for $250 extra, according to the product pages. Overall, the bumps provide only marginal speed enhancements, a less than 10 percent increase from their predecessors. Silent upgrades to its products are common Apple practice: the company often upgrades the internals with little, if any notice to the press.

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