Some Zunes being anti-social due to glitches

While it is to be expected, users of Microsoft's newest Zunes are seeing some sporadic problems with both the players and the service.

New product launches are never immune to growing pains and glitches, and the latest Zunes are certainly no exception. Within 48 hours of their launch, reports of problems have surfaced across the Web.


None of the problems seem to be show-stoppers, but annoying enough that it is causing some Zune owners frustration when using the device. Most reports seem to center around a digital rights management issue that is preventing some from downloading songs from the revised Zune Marketplace.

Users say that while the music isn't downloading, in some cases the Zune marketplace is still charging them for the download. The problems have even apparently been enough for users to create DIY's for how to rollback the software and firmware.

Such instructions appeared Thursday on the Zuneboards Web site, which appears to advise to do nothing more than a System Restore.

A lot of the problems seem to center around those early adopters who have upgraded first generation players. Microsoft's official Zune forums were well populated with these users, complaining about issues ranging from corrupted library metadata (another popular problem) to a mysterious "missing package" error.

So far, Microsoft has not publicly commented on the Zune issues.

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