NBC Universal content now for SanDisk video service

The entertainment group continues to move on from its breakup with Apple and iTunes, this time signing a deal with SanDisk to provide content for "Fanfare."

Fanfare is intended to complement the company's new TakeTV video player, which allows consumers to play downloaded content on their television sets, much like how AppleTV currently works.

Although financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, SanDisk said it will work with Universal to ensure that its content is protected. And, in a major win for the content provider -- also a subtle jab at Apple -- there will be flexible pricing.


The first NBC Universal shows -- including programming from NBC itself, USA, Sci-Fi, and Bravo -- will appear on Fanfare next month. All of the shows which frequently were in the top 10 on iTunes including Battlestar Galactica and The Office will be available.

"SanDisk is taking a leadership position within the consumer electronics industry with its commitment to protecting content, which marks an important advance for television entertainment in the digital landscape," NBC Univerisal digital distribution chief JB Perrette said.

Forrester analyst James McQuivey said last week that the loser in the battle between Apple and NBC is actually Apple, and the company should move quickly to bury the hatchet. If not, the Cupertino company's video download business could be in serious trouble.

"We recommend that the goal of maintaining a death grip on price control be put below the goal of staying in business," he wrote in a research note.

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