Bebo takes a page from Facebook with new API

By adopting its competitor's platform, the site will allow developers to port their applications to its network.

This newfound partnership probably will not be the last, either. Facebook is inviting others to join in and use its API, likely in a move to counter Google. It's OpenSocial platform is backed by MySpace, LinkedIn, and others.

According to The New York Times, Bebo had been working on using Facebook's API to redesign its site, but Facebook was not directly involved until the last several weeks.


Bebo's move is also interesting considering that it also supports Google's initiative. However, it what could be considered an early win for Facebook, its own apps would be running on Bebo likely a good deal of time before the first OpenSocial apps appear.

With over 7,000 developers already having their applications on Facebook, the adoption of the API makes good business sense for Bebo. Many of those developers would be working with Bebo for the first time, and the more American-centric focus of these providers could give more visibility to the British social networker here.

"With Bebo's implementation of Facebook's open standards, developers can expand their reach, which will lead to even more application development, and ultimately benefit both Bebo users and Facebook users," Facebook chief technology officer Adam D'Angelo said in a statement.

Bebo added that the OpenSocial interoperability should be active by early next year.

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