Nokia updates Sun's Java gaming SDK for its cell phones

Nokia used the JavaOne Conference as the launch pad for the SDK 2.0 of its Scalable Network Application Package (SNAP) Mobile end-to-end Java gaming SDK, which offers development tools, support, service hosting, and community management.

SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0 (available through registration from Nokia) lets developers build mobile Java-based games on the Java Micro Edition (ME) platform, using technologies such as the SNAP Mobile Client API libraries, Emulation Environment software, and sample applications and various documentation.

Improvements over the previous SDK include a new object-oriented API and user interface framework that lets developers add online capabilities to their games, including user registration, user account log-ins, and instant messaging. Furthermore, writing and debugging a Java game has been simplified due to a lower amount of API calls to the server, and compliance testing has been cut in half down to one hour.


Nokia worked alongside Sun Microsystems to ensure the SNAP Mobile SDK works as well as possible with the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit and NetBeans IDE.

Prior to JavaOne, Nokia issued a press release announcing SNAP Mobile will make games available to mobile phone owners in China and Taiwan, with company executives noting the growing demand of connected mobile games in both markets.

The SNAP Mobile SDK may make multiplayer and even massively multiplayer gaming feasible, although mobile gamers shouldn't expect graphics and game play to match that of PCs or consoles. For example, games such as Tetris, Bejeweled and Sudoku are more popular on mobile platforms, while few PC or console game franchises have successfully made the transition to mobile, even with knock-off titles.

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