Xbox 360 update canceled while Microsoft works on game portability

Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten says Microsoft is spending time on building out the infrastructure for the service and will skip over its regular bi-annual update.

Typically in the past, Microsoft has pushed an update in the spring and fall. It does not plan to release a comprehensive update this spring, however, because it is preparing a DRM change that would allow users to take their games with them if they change consoles.

"Because this involved allowing users to re-download licenses for content that belongs to our partners it has taken some time to work out the agreements with them to allow this, but we have heard the concerns from folks about DRM and are happy to announce that everything is nearly in place to roll this out in June," Whitten told Next Generation.


Xbox Live's catalog of games will also see a refresh in the coming months. Those more than six months old with a Metacritic score of under 65 and conversion rate below six percent will be delisted to make way for new titles.

In an attempt to promote better games, Microsoft will now also more than double the size limit of Xbox Live games from 150MB to 350MB. More flexibility will additionally be given on pricing of games, and a 1600 point (Xbox Live purchases are made with Microsoft Points) option would be added for developers.

Whitten says that since the launch of Xbox Live Marketplace, gamers have spent the equivalent of nearly $250 million on games and content. About 30 million downloads take place from Xbox Live every month, and the service has sold about 15 million song downloads as well.

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