hacked, DNS servers changed

Visitors to Comcast's Internet portal were greeted with a cryptic message for several hours overnight Thursday.

Checks by BetaNews indicated that the problems as a result of the hack were continuing even into Thursday afternoon, including problems with accessing Web-based e-mail and the company's support forums.


Officials say that a hacker likely broke into the company's Network Solutions account and changed the contact information and DNS entries. This caused the site to behave erratically, and redirected visitors to IPs other than Comcast's own servers.

The message that greeted users was the following: "KRYOGENIKS Defiant and EBK RoXed Comcast sHouTz to VIRUS Warlock elul21 coll1er seven."

While initial concerns spread across the Internet on several forums that the hackers might have broken into the e-mail system and had obtained access to username and password information, the company that has become one of the US' leading CATV providers and ISPs says it believes that was not the case.

Law enforcement officials have been notified, and Comcast said it was working with them to track down those responsible.

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