Sony Pictures and DivX strike a distribution deal

Video technology provider DivX and Sony Pictures Television International are working together so consumers will be able to download the content provider's movies in DivX format, to be played on Sony products and other certified devices.

The agreement announced today will enable Sony to sell DivX-encoded content on an international level, although Sony did not say which titles it will roll out first.

More than 120 DivX-capable DVD players are available internationally, mainly in the US, Japan, Canada, Europe and China. Sony has at least five different DVD models that are DivX Certified, with more expected.

Sony Pictures Television and DivX announced a US domestic distribution agreement at the beginning of 2008.

DivX has a Digital Rights Management system that it claims can protect copyright holders, while not interfering with a viewer's ability to watch content. Viewers will be able to download Sony content's for devices other than just a PC, and DivX will partner with retailers to market Sony's content.

Something unique about DivX DRM is that content is tied to the user, rather than to the device, as is generally the case with other DRM technologies for protecting movies and music.

DivX' objective is to avoid sacrificing video quality for download speed -- a key concern among its developers. Earlier, it said it's working with partners to expand its technologies to more formats, with the company announcing earlier in the month an agreement with AMD. The two companies are working to certify more mobile phones and other devices.

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