Apple claims 1M iPhone 3Gs sold, some may be vouchers

Today, Apple announced the iPhone's opening weekend figures, claiming it had passed the one million sales mark on Sunday, and that 10 million apps were downloaded in the same three-day period.

One by one on Friday, not individual AT&T stores, but entire cities, reported selling out of the device. By mid-morning, Chicago AT&T stores reported total liquidation. By noon, all of New York City's had sold out.

Hours-long lines reportedly continued at Apple Stores throughout the weekend in the 21 countries in which it has premiered. Due to the extensive activation time, and the numerous down-times the system experienced, many users were sent home with a voucher instead of an iPhone.

Others who actually obtained one, complained that the screens of their 3G iPhones were "too yellow," wondering if something was wrong with their displays. In answer to the big question mark hovering over these users' heads, Apple's senior director of Product Marketing Bob Borchers spoke to Engadget. He said that the screen's temperature had been deliberately set to a warmer level to produce "more natural" tones, with deeper blacks. Some, however, believed it was a flaw.

Wireless Info used a CS-200 Chroma Meter to analyze the brightness and color of the 3G iPhone's screen and found that the screens were considerably brighter, and 1,240 degrees K warmer than the previous generation.

Testers then gauged the different firmware versions and found that the newer versions actually shift back toward the cooler end of the spectrum. This change between versions has caused those ultra-critical users to question whether this was an intentional.

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