Gates Foundation and BBC distribute free condom ringtone

Though redolent of dogs barking jingle bells, the "Condom a Capella" ringtone -- sponsored by the BBC World Service and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation -- seeks to break social taboos regarding the prophylactic.

The ringtone (available here) is part of an ongoing campaign to prevent the transmission of HIV in India by making the discussion of condoms more socially acceptable.

Creative Director of the BBC World Service Trust India, Radharani Mitra, said, "This downloadable ringtone provides an opportunity for our audience to translate a message into an action. The idea is to tackle the inhibitions and taboos that can be associated with condoms."

Included in the media campaign have been radio and television advertisements with the slogan "Jo Samjha Wohi Sikander," which roughly translates to "He who understands, wins."

The BBC Trust has similar programs in place in Angola, Nigeria, Ethopia, and Vietnam. In Cambodia, the trust runs a commercial that depicts an anthropomorphic condom doing martial arts with Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan.

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