Microsoft to drop Xbox 360 UK prices by 30 GBP

In a highly anticipated move given that Japan and North America have already been treated to price cuts, Microsoft UK is relieving the burden for British gamers, dropping the basic 60 GB HDD-equipped Xbox 360 to £169.99.

Microsoft confirmed to BetaNews this morning that a wave of price cuts that began two weeks ago in Japan and then followed up the following day in the US and Canada, has now officially reached Europe. Beginning this Friday, customers should expect to see price drops of about 15%.

The basic 60 GB hard drive model will sell for £169.99 or €239 elsewhere in Europe, a drop of 30 pounds. The "Arcade" low-end bundle will sell for £129.99 or €179, a drop of 30 pounds there also, or 23%. And the Elite Console will sell for £229.99 or €299, a drop of 30 pounds from £259.99.

Based on the information BetaNews received this morning, there may be no immediate changes to the bundling of accessories and software with these three price tiers, though Microsoft could still make some changes before the holidays.

Advance word of the pending price drop came inadvertently for some customers, who sneaked a peek at the Christmas catalog of major British retailer Woolworths.

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