Beta test a new wireless headset for the office and your PC

Best test firm Centercode is looking for people in the workplace who spend a significant amount of time on the telephone. The product being tested is unlike any other in that it not only connects to the desktop phone system at your office, it also works with your PC.

Centercode wants those of you whose job depends on daily phone time and would have your life improved with a new wireless headset. You get the wireless freedom and the ability to conduct wireless VoIP calls as well as landline based calls easily.

This is a domestic and international beta test for PC users in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and the United States. Candidates for this project must use both a desktop phone and a VoIP software application to communicate. This is only for Windows users but it does support Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista.


Please remember that volunteering for a beta test involves a time commitment and a mandate to keep the product's details secret. If you are unwilling to commit to both of these requirements, please do not apply for the project.

More information and instructions on applying for the beta test can be found on Centercode's OnlineBeta site.

Separately, Centercode is looking for beta testers located in the Seattle area to trial a new device that will enable you to keep your family better organized with a messaging center that can not only broadcast important items to your family's cell phones at once, but enable them to each be able to broadcast back to the center to update it.

More information on that beta and instructions to apply can be found here.

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