UK trade group pushes MP3 labeling

MP3 compatible! In the United Kingdom this week, the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) unveiled the "MP3 Compatible" campaign, to easily inform customers whether the content they're downloading is actually in MP3 format.

Digital music vendors, HMV, 7digital,, Tescodigital,, and have all adopted the ERA's new "MP3 Compatible" seal, to indicate that their content is MP3 and not another format that is less universally compatible or protected by DRM.

In March, 7digital became the first DRM-free music store in the EU to carry every major label's content. The MP3 Compatible label, however, is not visible on 7Digital's US beta site, nor is it immediately obvious on the UK site. In fact, the logo is very difficult to spot on most participating sites. Woolworth's is the only site where the logo is rather obvious.

The ERA expects this label to be picked up internationally, and is seeking support from device manufacturers to label players similarly.

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