Cars get real-life video game view

Today Fujitsu Laboratories announced its newest in-vehicle camera technology that gives drivers a third person perspective on their vehicle while driving.

Four cameras, mounted on the driver side, passenger side, forward, and rear of a vehicle, feed live video into an MB86R01 system on a chip running the embedded OpenGL ES image and video processing platform.

The live wide-angle images are then stitched together into a single parabolic 360 degree picture. This 360 degree curved plane creates a virtual 3D representation of the area surrounding the vehicle, which can be shifted if the driver wants to check, for example, the size of parallel parking spaces or view around blind corners. The effect is something that looks a lot like "behind-the-back" perspective of driving video games.

fujitsu camera view

Fujitsu says it's still testing the technology, but plans to incrementally introduce it into the automotive market where single rear-view cameras are still only a burgeoning option.

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