French embassy site faces denial of service attack

The Web site representing the French Embassy in China has reportedly been weathering a DDoS attack, not four days after Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister He Yafei said France "grossly interfere[d] in China's internal affairs."

A spokesman from the Chinese Foreign Ministry has denounced the attacks, saying that any links drawn between China and the action are purely speculation, and reports should be based upon solid proof of culpability.

While it has not been proven that the attacks were orchestrated by the Chinese government, there is a definite motive.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy was scheduled to meet with the Dalai Lama, a political exile from China who the country says is engaged in Tibetan separatist activities. China did not want the meeting to take place, and warned of possible political and diplomatic consequences if Sarkozy did not attend to the country's wishes. Sarkozy went through with the meeting in Gdansk, Poland, and was quoted as saying, "There's no need to dramatize things."

He Yafei issued a statement following the meeting, saying, "The erroneous action of the French side grossly interferes in China's internal affairs and severely hurts the feelings of the Chinese people. The Chinese Government expresses its resolute opposition and strong dissatisfaction."

He's statement continues, "China has warned France lately on many occasions of the possible consequences, urging the French side to proceed from the overall interest of the Sino-French and Sino-EU relations, properly handle the Tibet-related issues so as to create essential atmosphere and conditions for the normal development of the China-France and China-EU relations. Regrettably, on major issues involving China's core interests, the French leader is bent on doing things that have severely undermined the bilateral relations."

The French insist the meeting was not meant to offend China in any way, or strain diplomatic relations. Now, denial of service attacks are hitting the French Embassy's site, similar to those that took place exactly one year ago against the French Embassy in Libya's site, which were believed to have originated in Russia.

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