Invitation to final beta test of Ad-Aware 2009 edition

The makers of one of the Internet's first and most respected anti-adware products are on schedule to release their 2009 edition next month, though they need some help from registered testers to make it happen.

A Lavasoft representative asked BetaNews today to spread the word about Beta 3 of its 2009 edition of Ad-Aware, which was released last December 8 along with the company's latest adware signatures.

January 20 is the final rollout date for the company's first edition of Ad-Aware to include heuristic protection -- the capability to recognize Ad-Aware by its behavior rather than just by its signature. The product also promises to be significantly smaller than prior versions, partly by virtue of heuristics, but possibly also due to just plain tighter programming.

Applicants for the closed beta may register here to join Lavasoft's worldwide team of beta testers.

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