Google Chrome gets updates, pretends to be Safari

Remember Google Chrome? The new browser that was one of Betanews' Top 20 Stories of 2008, and certainly across the Internet as a whole? Well, after the initial hype that Chrome (and its subsequent first vulnerabilities) caused, the browser quietly broke the 1 percent mark of browser share this month. Google this week released updates addressing one moderate, and one severe security threat, and provides fixes for Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Hotmail.

The Moderate security update addresses a cross-site scripting vulnerability linked to the Adobe Reader plugin, and the severe update is for a bug in the V8 JavaScript engine that could allow malicious users to "clickjack" sensitive information by bypassing same-origin checks.

Previously, the ability to send an email would break Yahoo's Webmail, this issue has been fixed. The Hotmail bug is actually being worked on by Microsoft's team, as it is not so much a problem with Chrome as it is with Hotmail's recognition of Chrome. Google has deployed a workaround that changes the user agent string that Google Chrome sends when requesting URLs that end with "" The result is that Chrome reportedly changes its user agent string to tell Hotmail that it's Safari.

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