Facebook's parentage: It's complicated

After a years-long falling out, it appears that two of the co-founders of Facebook have concluded a dispute that included assertions that one of them, effectively speaking, didn't exist. Did the threat of a nasty tell-all bridge the gap?

That's the assertion today at Gawker, which ran a nice overview on Monday of the dispute between Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, which originated at Harvard (where Saverin incorporated and managed the business and invested $20,000 in seed money). The dispute led to a lawsuit, a book deal, and reputed interest by Aaron Sorkin ("The West Wing") in a screenplay.


And now? Gawker had no more luck than anyone else getting comment, but they speculate that maybe making nice with the founders' page is one way of derailing a tell-all that's apt to be on the unflattering end of the continuum, even before the chapters about privacy and data security.

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