TiVo ranks top ten Super Bowl Commercials

Based on its second-by-second Stop||Watch audience metrics, DVR maker TiVo has released its figures ranking the most watched television commercials during yesterday's Super Bowl.

TiVo found that the highest viewership spikes in the first half of the game actually took place during the commercials; while in the second half it was during crucial moments in gameplay. In descending order, the top ten highest rated commercials were:

GoDaddy.com: "Enhanced?"
Bud Light: "Summer to Winter"
Careerbuilder.com: "It May Be Time"
Doritos: "Crystal Ball"

Transformers: "Revenge of the Fallen"

Monster.com: "Moose Head"

Bud Light: "Man Thrown out the Window"
Pepsi: "MacGruber/Pepsuber"
Dennys: "Thugs"
Coke Zero: "Mr Polamalu"

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