PlayStation Network claims 20 million users

While the PlayStation 3 continues to be regarded as the runner-up in online console gaming, the system's growing library of free to play online titles has helped PlayStation Network (PSN) grow to double every year, and the growth continues.

Last year, Microsoft said it had reached the 17 million subscriber mark for Xbox Live, but more recent numbers are not yet available. The company made a strong push early this year to attract more users to the online gaming service by dropping the price of an annual subscription to $30 from the customary $50.


Though direct competitors, it sometimes appears that Sony is in a different boat from Microsoft altogether. While Microsoft has to move to attract console owners to its online service, Sony has to use the online service to attract users to its console.

When considering this, it's no surprise that nearly 95% of PS3 owners are also PSN members (20 million PSN members out of 21 million consoles sold), while only 66% of Xbox 360 owners are Xbox Live subscribers (est. 18.5 million users to 27.93 million consoles).

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