Lenovo intros ultra 'green' Windows and Linux PCs

Outfitted with Intel Turbo Charger technology for more efficient performance during peak periods, Lenovo's new S20 and D20 PCs are also largely made up of recycled materials.

Priced from about $1,070 to $1,550, the PCs come with a choice of Intel Nehalem-based Xeon 5300 and W3500 processors, and between Nvidia Quadro and ATI Firepro graphics.

Customers aren't able to order the workstations pre-loaded with Linux. Yet "a disc with all the drivers is included to assist the customer with installation," a Lenovo spokesperson told Betanews.


Lenovo has released other PCs supporting either Red Hat or Novell SuSE Linux at various points over the years. But Red Hat "is a predominant distributor in the professional workstation space, so Lenovo elected to use them for support on this specific product," the spokesperson said.

About 50% of the materials used in the PCs are recycled, while 30% are made from "post consumer recycled content," in this case consisting of previously used plastic, Betanews was told.

Lenovo's ThinkStation D20S workstation, constructed with nearly 30% post-consumer recycled content.

In addition, Lenovo has tested the workstations to achieve GreenGuard certification, meaning that the machines meet the standards for about 2,000 different chemical tests.

The processors appearing in the S20 and D20 are from the same Intel series as those in Apple's newest Mac Pro. Essentially, the Turbo Boost technology used with the chips is designed to dynamically adjust processor frequency up or down, depending on workload factors such as estimated power consumption, processor temperature, and number of active cores.

Lenovo's two new PCs also come with ThinkVantage Technologies, for help with tasks such as data recovery and data migration.

In showing off the new workstations in the Epic Games booth at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco, Lenovo is giving away several of the high-end PCs to Phase 3 winners of Epic's "$1 Million Make Something Good Unreal" contest.

The company is also using the PCs to demo Lenovo e-Lounge, a new virtual e-commerce platform, built on Epic's Unreal Engine, that lets users create avatars for interacting online with Lenovo salespeople.

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