Betanews contest: Re-doing Bing, or, 'Name That Search Engine'

Some of us would admit, Bing is a better choice for a big search engine name than "Kumo," which was apparently a serious candidate. But if Microsoft was truly listening to its customers to the degree it has been with Windows 7 of late, would it have come up with an even better brand? Could you Name That Search Engine in four notes or less?

We thought we'd give you a shot at it. Here's your chance to out-ping Bing. The Betanews staff will judge your submissions for a possible better name. But we're going to throw a monkey wrench in the equation: Along with your name, we're challenging you to create a 140-character-or-less tagline, which you would imagine would appear on the front page of the site to replace Windows Live Search, as well as in TV, radio, and Internet display ads.

Submit your entries in comments to this article. Next Friday at this time, we'll announce whose entries have earned them a place in would-be history.

First Prize: The four-disc Batman Begins / Dark Knight Blu-ray combo pack, plus a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate.

Second Prize: A copy of Gears of War II for Xbox 360, plus a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate.

Third Prize: A copy of Office 2007 Home/Student Edition.

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