Report: Evidence of further creativity with Windows 7 upgrade prices

As first noted by ZDNet blogger Ed Bott this morning, at least one online software retailer has posted a listing for a Microsoft Windows 7 product corresponding to what bloggers earlier this week had speculated upon: a three-license discount package for purchasers of Windows 7 Home Premium.

A listing on retailer Expercom's Web site clearly showing a 'Windows 7 Family Pack'

The listing from Utah-based Expercom clearly shows something being called "Windows 7 Family Pack/Home Premium Upgrade," with a price of $136.95. While this could be a multiple license package as many suspect, the other possibility is that it's some kind of extra software bundle. However, there's not much else that Microsoft sells shrink-wrapped these days at a price point at or around $37.

Expercom lists this product as "out of stock" (if it ever had it at all), and Betanews has been unable to locate similar listings from other online retailers. But the very existence of the product suggests that Microsoft could extend its pre-order sales program for Windows 7 beyond the end of this week, when it is believed to expire.

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