Psystar wants to get your Apple questions answered

You know why there are so many Apple rumors? Because they don't talk to the media. So when someone is guaranteed to have an audience with Apple where the company is legally bound to answer the questions, it's a golden opportunity to learn about the tight-lipped company's strange and wondrous ways.

Stouthearted Mac clone maker Psystar announced that it will have its turn to depose Apple in its litigation over the company's unauthorized use of OS X on its PCs.

The company wrote on its blog yesterday, "After numerous depositions of Psystar employees and associates the shoe is finally on the other foot, oh the joy!

"...Given that there is a significant interest in this litigation aside from the business interest of Psystar, in particularly those of the OSX86 community and others; we want all your input," the blog continued. "On that note, we're taking the top ten most highly moderated questions for each person to be asked at their depositions. Please bear in mind that these must relate to the litigation at hand and if you feel this correlation is unclear, please elaborate to help us better understand your perspective and/or argument."

Psystar says it will be questioning executives Bob Mansfield, Phil Schiller, and Mark Donnelly; as well as OS X project leaders John Wright, Simon Patience, and Kevin Van Vechten; and other Apple leaders such as Mac Hardware director Mike Culbert, and engineers Gary Thomas and Greg Christie.

"Feel free to post your questions as comments or e-mail them directly to [email protected] if you feel that the question would be better unleashed via surprise attack," the company continues. "Bear in mind that we might not be able to release the answers to said questions until the conclusion of this litigation (re: Apple's Super Secret Protective Order)."

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