Revamped FCC to initiate investigation of wireless competition, exclusivity

Similar to the inquiry it launched into the iPhone Google Voice rejection, the Federal Communications Commission today announced its intention to scrutinize the wireless telecommunications industry as a whole, to see if it encourages competition, innovation and investment, and if it is fair and open to consumers.

The Commission will take a vote on August 27 to decide whether it will proceed with the investigation, which seeks to "understand better the factors that encourage innovation and investment in wireless;" to determine "the status of competition in the mobile wireless market, including commercial mobile services;" and to "comment on whether there are opportunities to protect and empower American consumers by ensuring sufficient access to relevant information about communications services."

This will continue the Government's investigation into wireless exclusivity which both Congress and the Department of Justice have debated with industry leaders. In response to the congressional hearings, Verizon Wireless revised its exclusivity terms in July.

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