Report: Nvidia Tegra-powered 'Zune Phone' coming this month

Microsoft made it abundantly clear that it was not talking about Windows Mobile 7 when we discussed the company's plans to create a user-friendly mobile OS that wasn't built on a legacy architecture. Naturally, this raised some questions with us; such as one about the mysterious project Pink from Danger, and the offhand talk of an Nvidia Tegra 2-powered device, and of course, the old "Zune Phone" rumor.

Today, Spanish language blog MuyComputer said that an anonymous source has "confirmed" Microsoft and Nvidia's joint presentation of a Zune Phone.

This "Zune Phone" is expected to actually be three Windows Mobile phones that run Zune software and Like the Zune HD, run on Nvidia's Tegra system on a chip.

When Zune HD launched last August, Nvidia said there were more than 50 active design projects based upon the Tegra processor. Since that time, we've only seen a handful of Tegra-based devices. All of them have been noteworthy, though: The Boxee Box, Samsung's BeatPlayer M portable media player, and the ICD-designed Ultra Tablet which Nvidia showed off with Verizon Wireless in January.

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