Microsoft: We weren't talking about Windows Mobile 7 at CES

A Microsoft spokesperson contacted Betanews today requesting we clarify a story we brought you during the tail end of CES 2010. Specifically, we presented an interview with Windows Phone Senior Marketing Manager Greg Sullivan entitled, "Finally, what to expect from Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Phone."

At the time, we were under the impression that the interview was providing us with a taste of what we could expect from Mobile World Congress in February, and I suggested that Windows Mobile 7 was "only two months away," even though "Microsoft really [wasn't] talking about Windows Mobile 7 specifically."

The spokesperson asked us to reiterate that, while we were given an overview of the direction of Windows Phone, we were not speaking specifically of Windows Mobile 7.

The spokesperson did not go into further detail as to which product the interview did concern.

In his Wednesday night keynote address to CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer simply said, "We will have more to say on Windows Mobile phones next month at Mobile World Congress," without mentioning versions or even if there would be announcements.

Based on the information we received today, it is clear that Microsoft is not comfortable with Betanews -- or anyone else -- referring to the subject of next month's discussion as "Windows Mobile 7."

Betanews received no such prior warning from Microsoft prior to its announcement of Windows Vista that the product being announced may not be Windows Vista.

Likewise, Betanews received no prior warning from Microsoft ahead of its Windows 7 announcement that the subject might not be Windows 7. Thus we are more likely to conclude that Windows Mobile 7 will not be the subject of the announcement at Mobile World Congress.

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