Amazon launches Kindle for BlackBerry beta

Kindle for BlackBerry Beta

It has been just about one year since Amazon launched its Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod Touch; and today, thanks to popular demand, it has come to BlackBerry.

Like the iPhone app, Kindle for BlackBerry is free, and doesn't require a dedicated Kindle e-reader to use. Within the app, users can browse the Kindle Store and download e-books directly, and if you have already purchased Kindle e-books, you have access to your entire library, synced to the last place you left off in each book.

Unlike the iPhone app, Kindle for BlackBerry users cannot yet create annotations or highlights. Amazon said this feature will be added in future versions of the software, along with the ability to scroll text line-by-line, and search for text within books. Furthermore, the app does not have access to Kindle newspapers, magazines, or blogs, and service is limited to US customers.

BlackBerry users can download the Kindle app within their mobile browser at

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