Jailbreakme.com returns, iPhone 4 finally jailbroken

The iPhone Dev Team has struck again, this time releasing a Web-based jailbreaking solution that is compatible with all iPhone models, including the iPhone 4. The solution requires only an Internet connection and mobile Safari to complete the hack.

It should be noted that this only allows for the installation of unapproved apps to the device, and not the use of the device on unsupported carriers. The Dev Team said in a blog post Sunday that a version of ultrasn0w -- the carrier unlock -- would be compatible with iPhone 4 shortly.

The hack is not without problems: FaceTime and MMS messaging reportedly is suffering some issues on phones with the jailbreak. However the Dev Team said that they are looking into the problems, and a fix may be on the way shortly.

Jailbreaking the device would be as simple as visiting a website, called jailbreakme.com. The hack takes advantage of a security hole in mobile Safari surrounding the display of PDF files. It allows access to the code within iOS which "jailbreaks" the device.

Cydia is installed on the device, which acts as a repository for these unapproved apps that don't make it onto the App Store. The jailbreak does not affect approved apps: the user can install both on the same device with few -- if any -- problems.

Hacker "comex" is being credited with the work behind the jailbreak. It is also the first time that jailbreakme.com has become useful again in nearly two years. While the site first surfaced in 2007 after the release of the 1.1.1 software update, it relied on a different security flaw in mobile Safari to make it work, which it then would fix following the jailbreak.

Apple however put a stop to the web-based jailbreaking with the 1.1.2 update, rendering jailbreakme.com useless.

Comex and Dev Team's work comes shortly after the Library of Congress ruled jailbreaking as fair use under the DMCA, which Apple argued against. The company still maintains that users should not jailbreak, and is still threatening to void the warranties of those who do.

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