Could 70 percent of you be running Windows 7?

PCThat sure is hell what I want to know after looking at poll results for a question about Internet Explorer 10. In April, I asked Betanews readers if you cared that Internet Explorer 10 beta runs only on Windows 7. One conclusion to draw from the 3-answer poll -- 69.33 percent do (well, those responding) use Microsoft's newest operating system.

Unfortunately, there are only 975 responses, and they don't exactly jive with an earlier poll (not that they need to). But I'm wondering, and even optimistic about percentage of readers running Windows 7, so I'm asking again. Please answer the poll below about what is the primary operating system running on your primary PC (whether work or home).

Meanwhile I'll explain context of that nearly 70 percent and the other poll. On April 15, I asked: "Internet Explorer 10 runs on Windows 7 but not Vista. Do you care?" The aforementioned 69.33 percent of respondents answered "No, I'm good -- I run Windows 7." Also revealing: 9.95 percent answered "No -- yawn -- I don't use Windows." The remaining 20.72 percent answered "Hell, yeah, gimme IE10 on Windows Vista." Could that many of you be running Vista?

In December, I asked Betanews readers: "How would you identify yourself as a computer user?" That's different than asking people which operating system they use because it's more subjective. It's asking people to identify themselves as part of a group. Since many users may have more than one computer running more than one OS, or even run multiple operating systems on a single PC, the subjective answer is a deliberate choice.  The responses to the identification question:

  • Windows PC: 55.01 percent
  • Linux: 32.3 percent
  • Macintosh: 11.03 percent
  • Other: 1.66 percent

Answering the new poll isn't enough. I have more to ask of you. I encourage you to explain in comments the three primary benefits of that primary operating system. Fanboys, this is your chance to make a case for your favorite OS without looking nutso by attacking other commenters. Stand up for your favorite operating system by telling everyone here just how great it is and even why others should use it. Don't muck around -- get to the benefits.

Again, please answer the poll and explain the benefits both.

92 Responses to Could 70 percent of you be running Windows 7?

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