Breaking into iPhone? Try '1234' or '0000' first

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Developer Daniel Amitay has some words of caution for those locking their iPhones down with a four-digit password: use something that isn't on his list of most commonly used passcodes. Amitay created the Big Brother Camera Security app for iOS, and anonymously collected passcode data from users.

The app can take pictures remotely of whomever's using your device with the front-facing camera, as well as its location. What Amitay collected was the passcode information for the app itself, which is nearly identical to the iOS lock screen. He figures the data collected on 204,508 user passcodes would be similar.

The most commonly used passcode was '1234,' used by 8,884 users. Second was '0000,' which 5,246 set as their security code. If Amitay's sample is representative of iPhone users as a whole, 7 percent are using these two codes: awfully good odds to break into somebody's device!

"Most of the top passcodes follow typical formulas, such as four identical digits, moving in a line up/down the pad, repetition," Amitay said. That would explain the third, fourth, and fifth spots -- '2580,' '1111,' and '5555.'

One interesting passcode in the top ten was '5683,' in sixth spot. While it may not make sense at first, the numeric code spells 'LOVE' on a telephone keypad. Passwords such as 'iloveyou' are among the most common on the Internet according to experts.

Rounding out the top ten was '0852,' '2222,' '1212,' and '1998.' The last is likely a reference to the birth year of the user, or the year of another important event such as graduation. The years 1990-2000 all appear in the top 50, and 1980-1989 within the top 100.

Amitay has been gracious enough to provide Betanews with the rest of the top 25 passcodes, which we have listed below. Study the list carefully: if yours appears on it, maybe now is a good time to consider changing it.

11. 6969
12. 1379
13. 1997
14. 2468
15. 9999
16. 7777
17. 1996
18. 2011
19. 3333
20. 1999
21. 8888
22. 1995
23. 2525
24. 1590
25. 1235

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