Google's Chrome 13 claims even faster Google searches

Google on Tuesday released Chrome 13, adding its Instant Pages functionality to the stable build of its browser for the first time. The feature had been part of beta builds of Chrome since June, and aims to make surfing to top search results in Google much faster.

Instant Pages works by preloading the first search result after entering a query into Google. Of course, the functionality would truly be helpful when the result is what the user is looking for: all other search results on the page would not be preloaded.

Speeding up the process of loading pages in search results is essentially an extension of the work done with Google Instant. That feature attempts to guess what you're searching for as the query is typed in the search box and debuted last September.

On top of the two to five seconds Google claims Instant already saves searchers, Instant Pages would save the user another two to five seconds as well. It says it has improved its relevance technology to a point where it can be pretty confident that a searcher will click on the result, thus making preloading a useful feature.

In addition to the page preloading functions, Google said it had added print previewing to both the Windows and Linux builds. Mac support was still enroute, it said. Also, several improvements have been made to the browser's 'omnibox,' which combines the traditionally separate address and search boxes.

Chrome 13 is now available for download in Fileforum.

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