FCC says tablets are speeding up the impending spectrum crisis [infographic]

For the last two years, the FCC has warned that our consumption of wireless broadband bandwidth is far outstripping its growth, and that if more of the wireless spectrum isn't allocated to broadband services, we're all in for a massive slowdown.

But that message hasn't really stuck.

Even though the National Broadband Plan calls for the re-allocation of 300MHz of wireless spectrum for broadband services over the course of three years, and 500MHz over the course of the next five; one of the major attempts to do so, LightSquared, is being held up on technical issues, and an argument has arisen that pits the value of wireless broadband services against the value of GPS.

So to keep us all focused on the bottleneck we're approaching in wireless broadband, the FCC today published an easy-to-digest infographic that has received "bi-partisan support in congress, CEOs of major American Corporations, and 112 leading economists, including Nobel Laureates."

Among the data presented on the graphic below, the fact presented in the largest type is the fact that mobile tablets use 122x more data than smartphones.

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