The new meets the old: First LTE to CDMA VoIP handover complete

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Qualcomm on Thursday finally came forward to announce an LTE milestone that took place at the end of December: the first voice call to be seamlessly handed over from an LTE mobile network to a WCDMA network using Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC). This is an important milestone because SRVCC lets the LTE-based VoIP/IMS packets be transferred to the legacy circuit-switched domain, unifying the old mobile networks with the new.

This has been one of the big challenges for LTE VoIP for the last four years, and the industry was exploring SRVCC alongside a technique called Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB) to offer continuous voice over LTE service. With the ability to hand over connections, VoIP subscribers can roam between LTE and other wireless networks without disconnection.

"As LTE networks are deployed alongside 3G networks, the ability for multimode 3G/LTE mobile devices to connect to different network technologies will be an important part of providing the best possible mobile voice and data experience to consumers," said Cristiano Amon, SVP of product management at Qualcomm in a statement on Thursday. "Qualcomm is committed to the successful deployment of LTE networks worldwide in conjunction with 3G networks, and the milestone we've achieved with Ericsson is another step towards making VoLTE technology a commercial reality."


Both Qualcomm and Ericsson will be demonstrating the technique at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona beginning February 27.

Photo: Kentoh/Shutterstock

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