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If you feel you’d like to be a little more anonymous online then installing a free VPN client is generally a good place to start. But there’s a snag: even though the VPN service know you’re concerned about your internet privacy, they’ll often still ask you to create an account, provide your email address and maybe other details, too.

SecurityKISS takes a simpler approach. There’s no “signing up”, no forms to fill in, no personal information required at all: just download and install the OpenVPN-based client and you’re ready to go.

Another convenient plus point comes in the ability to choose your server location. When we clicked the Change Server button we could select IP addresses in France, the UK or US, very handy when you’re looking to bypass annoying location restrictions on the web.


SecurityKISS is also simple to use: just click Connect and you’ll be protected in seconds. The free client gives you 300MB traffic every day, adequate for our online essentials. And while browsing performance is obviously reduced, it was still perfectly acceptable in our tests.

Of course there are also significant restrictions with the free service, the most severe of which is the extreme lack of protocol support: you can’t use it with email clients, VoIP, games, video chats, music and video streaming, and so on.

SecurityKISS just fine for browsing, though. And if you need more than even the most basic “economy” plan (around $4 a month) makes a real difference, providing faster speeds, a monthly 20GB traffic allowance, and support for games, VoIP, music and video streaming. The service website has the full details.

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