After a year exclusive to Android, Amazon launches Cloud Player for iOS

Amazon Cloud Player, a service that lets Amazon users stream their cloud-stored music collection to their mobile device over a regular data connection, has been available on Android for more than a year. Tuesday, Amazon finally released the iPhone and iPod touch version of the Cloud Player App.

Just like the Android version, users can stream their music, download songs, or manage their music in the cloud, with the included ability to share playlists created in iTunes with the user's cloud library.

Amazon's Mp3 store is one of the fiercest competitors to iTunes, and Amazon Cloud Player is naturally now a competitor to Apple's iCloud service. Amazon Cloud Player comes with 5GB of free cloud storage, the same amount that Apple offers with iCloud.

iCloud storage upgrades cost $20 per year for 15 GB of storage, $40 per year for 25 GB of storage, and $100 per year for 55 GB of cloud storage.

Amazon's paid cloud storage plans are both cheaper, and somewhat different from iCloud. The free 5GB that comes with Amazon Cloud player holds up to 1,000 songs. But if you upgrade to any paid tier for Amazon cloud storage, your cap on songs is removed, and you have unlimited space. So for Amazon's $20 per year, the user gets 20 GB of storage and unlimited music storage. $50 per year gets 50 GB of Amazon cloud storage and unlimited music, $100 gets 100 GB, and so forth, all the way up to $1000 for 1000 GB.

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