Verizon Share Everything plan shares very little savings

I find it humorous to read a press release from a large telecom in regards to cellular service plans. They use powers of the telecom heavens to make their calling and data plans "easier" for simple, dumb mortals. Carriers play it up like they have come down from Olympus to give us fire. All so we can build temples to them faster.

Of the top-three of the pantheon of cellphone carriers, Verizon is the biggest of them all -- the Zeus of wireless, who can screw anyone in any form. It's pretty simple for them. They have the biggest lightning bolts if you didn't know. It's clearly in their commercials for the "lightening" fast 4G LTE data speeds. So when they have something they think is "game changing" they send their fastest messenger.


The Hermes for this plan change is Tami Erwin, vice president and chief marketing officer of Verizon Wiresless:

“Customers asked, and today Verizon Wireless delivered an industry first" ... "Share Everything Plans are the new standard for wireless service. They are simple; customers no longer have to think about their voice and message plans, because both are unlimited. Share Everything Plans are convenient; customers purchase one data plan and they share it with up to 10 mobile devices. And, they are worry-free; customers can connect their 3G or 4G devices wherever and whenever they want on America’s most reliable network.”

Isn't that nice? Silly mortals no longer have to worry about voice and message plans. That means the cost of service is all one simple clean fee with the data rates right? WRONG! What once was the voice and phone service is now a "Monthly Line Access" fee. This line access fee is $10 per month for tablet devices, $20 per month for USB modems, hotspots, and netbooks; and $30 per month for basic dumb feature phones. Lastly it's $40 a month for a smartphone. This is on top of the $50 to $100 dollar per month fee for the shared data that you have from 1GB to 10GB to share.

To clarify this in a simple form. For $100 dollars a month you can have unlimited voice and messaging with only 2GB of data on a smartphone. For $90 dollars share 2GB of data on three tablets. Or for one laptop, one tablet, and one laptop / modem share 2GB data for $130. And this 2GB is over both LTE 4G and EDVO. To everyone on Verizon who will lose your unlimited grandfathered plans since your telecom god has forsaken you, I'm sorry for your loss. The temple of Sprint says hello though. That's where I worship.

21 Responses to Verizon Share Everything plan shares very little savings

  1. guru_v says:

    I agree with the author completely about the screwing of Verizon customers - however, it is no better at Sprint, as they still suck in coverage AND have the very worst customer service of any carrier. 

    As someone who has sold Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, I'd say that Sprint both from a customer and vendor perspective is always going to come in last in any comparison of wireless carriers - AND they don't seem to care. After all, it was not that long ago that Sprint purged over a million customers that had the temerity to ask to decent customer service... 

    No, the only respite from a complete hosing by a wireless company any more is T-Mobile, and what they lack in coverage, they more than make up for in customer service [consistently rated number one!]. This Verizon customer is waiting until his five lines of service can move to a carrier with a better choice of phones, better plans, and customer service that says, "We appreciate your business!"

    [I did not need to voice how dire things are at AT&T, right?]

    • EmmettG says:

       You are a damn fool!!! Sprint is the best carrier besides metropcs for unlimited data plans right now. I have never had a problem with Sprint's customer service and their coverage is second to none.

      • thefalcon2k says:

        I used to work for Sprint Wireless.  They don't train you for crap!  I find it pathetic that I knew more after I quit than I did working for them.  Glad I switched to AT&T!

      • guru_v says:

        If I give you all the minutes you can use for a penny, and you can't use them because of coverage issues, then you've wasted your penny, haven't you?

        I know of whence I speak - Sprint's coverage is poor everywhere except for metropolitan areas - it always has been, and only got better when they decided to bite the bullet and use SOME of the Verizon towers to roam on.

      • Patrick Roanhouse says:

        whoa now my dear brother of the Temple of Sprint, slow your role and do not attack those who have not found the light of our telegod yet. You must allow all to find the path them self. Be still, be still. Now 10 Texts and 3 dial the operators for assistance and your Telecom Sins will be forgiven.

      • Kotawolf says:

         Sprint coverage isn't bad, but they are not any cheaper.  I just priced it out yesterday.  Their family package 1500 min, unlimited txt and data (lowest min on family plan) is $129 for two lines, extra $9.99 for up to three more lines, and $10 per line that is a smart phone charge.   If you bring a phone with you, you are still stuck on a two year contract.   With my discount at Verizon, I'd end up paying about $40 more with Sprint, sorry I'll pass.  ( My discount I got while I was working for a company that was considered State, so I get a 25% state employee discount.)  Even without my discount, I'd be paying nearly the same at Sprint as I do with Verizon... no big savings there.

  2. Kevin Gault says:

    I'd actually lose out with their new plan structure. I currently have unlimited data and messaging. If I base the new plans on my current data usage my bill goes up $7. I'm not sure how Verizon thinks it's doing me any favors. I just hope I keep my unlimited until the end of the plan. Maybe then something better will be in place that actually benefits me and not the company.

  3. Neoprimal says:

    Verizon has never really been known to save people money, right? I mean if I'm wrong, go ahead and correct me. I checked it all out when I was buying a cell for the first time. I ended up going with ATT because they had the best (and most affordable) plan, I was in college. I did ATT, Cingular, Sprint, VZW and settled on Tmobile a while after those companies merged. VZW was and has remained the most expensive service, per value.

    If you absolutely need coverage in most states or live where you just don't find anything else reliable, you get Verizon. 
    I don't so I'm still with TMo 9 years later and very, very happy where I am and have never gone anyplace where I don't get service (thankfully). In essence, it's a moot point and I'm thinking Verizon knows this. They know that many, if not most of their customers won't care too much. VZW customers already pay the absolute most for phone service in the U.S right now anyway be it individual or family service. Now this makes it much easier to charge the account for overages due to one person OR force them to upgrade on their data allowance package regardless on who's using the chunk of data.

  4. Panama Smith says:

    I think all the telecom giants are run by crooks.  The customer service I receive from VZW hs been great.  All I see is money going out every month that fills the pockets of the CEO's, president's, and boards for these companies.  They probably don't pay a good wage and have lousy benefits for their employees.  I too waited to see this new plan and find it lacking.  It is another money grab by those greedy corporate types.  My contract is up in January 2013 and I am going to start research on a pay as you go.  Tmobile seems to be the best.  I have spoken to people who have had Metro PCS and they did not like it due to dropped calls and not being able to make calls from inside buildings.  When will the working and paying American get a break from the greed of large American companies and banks?

    • TechnologyRules says:

       VZW executive has gone on record saying they regret ever offering unlimited data as tiered data pricing is more lucrative.

  5. John Wells says:

    As I read things, they are not forcing me to switch from my current pricing and unlimited data at this time, and I won't. The day they tell me I HAVE TO is the day I declare breach of contract on their part, and take all my business (3 lines - $180/mo.) elsewhere (likely Sprint).

    • PC_Tool says:

       June 28th.  From that point on, any device purchased with their discount will move you off of "unlimited" to any of their other plans (not necessarily a shared plan).

      You can keep your current device on unlimited as long as you like (for the time being), or you can upgrade the device at full price (usually $400 to $650) and keep unlimited...but you'd still be paying the "subsidized" plan prices, even though your device is not subsidized by the plan.  (VZW is one of the last few telco's that do not offer lower, unsubsidized plan pricing)

      I have 5 lines through VZW and just pre-ordered an SIII for my wife.

      From this point on, I will not be renewing contracts.  I will pay by month, and fund my own devices completely.  I will use whatever telco has the best deal that month. 

      My next device will be the next GSM Nexus device. 

      VZW's LTE is nice...but not that nice.

  6. chinch987 says:

    Outspoken Tekkie geeks with one-person households will pay more. You're just not the primary or even secondary customer base and can take a hike as far as the carriers are concerned.

    VZW/ATT has been on record long ago that the vast majority of their customers are on family plans and as such unless you're a serial data abuser (stream video all day) you can actually save $ with the new plans. Two people with smartphone and unlimited texting customers will save $20-30 with the benefit of unlimited minutes (cancel landline) and tethering.

    The tekkie complainers need to wrap their mind around how Apple/iPhone is sucking dry carrier revenues. ATT subsidized apple $2 BILLION and Verizon $1 BILLION last year thanks to selling iPhone 4

    • John Wells says:

                                                                                 Current Plan Share All Plan 
      Nationwide Talk/Text Share 1400 less 20% discount $78.00
      Monthly access unlim min/txt - 4GB data / 20% discount                  $56.00 
      Wife's line                                                                   $9.99          $30.00 
      Son's line                                                                           $9.99       $40.00 
      Son's 2 Gig data plan                                                 $30.00
      My line                                                                           $9.99      $40.00 
      My unlimited data plan                                                 $23.99
           Subtotal                                                               $161.96            $166.00 
      Taxes                                                                         $17.10      $18.26 

      Total                                                                       $179.06        $184.26

      Cha-Ching for VZW! For $5 more a month I lose my unlimited data and must watch/manage 4GB (2 GB each) with my son. NO DEAL!!!!!! 

      • chinch987 says:

        Keep your old plan. Most families would have the $30 family SMS fee and thus be saving $25.

        Unlimited data is a laughable and unrealistic idea.

        for $5/mo  you would gain unlimited minutes AND free sms.

        For those who want cut-rate pricing you need to leave Verizon (which you won't anyways, you suffered thru all their bad phones coming years late compared to AT&T).

      • rebradley says:

         I did the math too since I upgraded my phone today. My old plan came to $215 with the wife and son's unlimited txt and data. I get an 8GB plan (twice what we use now), unlimited txt and minutes along with mobile hotspot for $198 (15% veterans discount). Hey the savings a meal at McDonalds so why not.

  7. MMurcek says:

    "I want my unlimited free data that is not only free, but they pay me to use it..."  You are trying to  be ed oswald. It you are going to be ed oswald, who is he going to be???

    • Roanhouse says:

      but ... I has unlimited data already .... I have used at the very most 13 gigs on my phone during SXSW or E3 Expo and streaming video via the hotspot. But on average its 1.5 to 3GB is how much I use a month for basic email, twitter, foursquare, browsing, and the lot.

  8. theboyr says:

    Extremely attractive to me for when the new iPhone comes out and has LTE. My girlfriend pays 110 on Verizon a month and I pay 135 for unlimited calling/texting/data/insurance on AT&T. I maybe use 2GB a month and she uses MAYBE .5GB since we both connect to WiFi whenever possible. So for 150 + 20 taxes, we would get what we  get now for $245/month.  Plus, I get my 4G/3G hot spot from work next month... I'll be set. 
    This is just one step in the direction of eliminating voice and text charges. Just wait until businesses can give their employees a handheld device which has a purely data plan with a SIP Extension built into. Android can natively support this already and IOS can support this with Bria or any number of Soft Phone apps. 

  9. Kotawolf says:

    I have to chime in here... I just the math.  I can upgrade my non-Smartphone up to a smartphone, and go with the 4gig plan and my monthly cost will be within $8 of being the same.  Right now looks to be $8 lower than my current monthly cost.

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