Get Aero on Windows 8

Hot on the heels of the RTM version of Windows 8, a swathe of tools that can be used to either emulate the appearance and features of the latest version of the operating system, or tweak Windows 8, have emerged. Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.0 and Windows 8 UX Pack 6.0 both fall into the former camp. Something that has annoyed many long-term users: Microsoft dropped Aero from the latest release -- with these tools you can regain it.

Now that the final release version of Windows 8 has been unveiled, many of the changes that have been are fairly minor updates that bring this duo of tweaking tools in line with the very latest code. In the Transformation Pack this means that wallpapers from the RTM version of Windows 8 are now available, and changes have been made to the use of the Segoe font family for better compatibility. Elsewehere you’ll find the very latest icons, buttons, boot screen and more, so you can get the full Windows 8 look.

Although Aero has been officially dropped from Windows 8, with the transformation pack you can bring it back. Version 6 of the tool sees the Metro Desktop UI and Aero’s auto-colorization being used by default. Things have also been updated in the UX pack. Again there are changes that bring the Windows 8 emulator more in line with the release version of the operating system, but there have also been problems fixed.

The program launcher will no longer ask for administrative rights every time it is started, and the Start orb has been updated to give it a better look and feel. For a fully immersive Windows 8 experience, the Charms Bar is now available as well.

You can find out more and download free copies of the programs by paying a visit to the Windows 8 Transformation Pack 6.0 and Windows 8 UX Pack 6.0 review pages.

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