Use SmartUtils Easy Password to create secure logins

To keep your web accounts secure it’s a good idea for their passwords to be as cryptic as possible: lengthy, a good mix of numbers, upper and lower case letters, maybe even other characters if they’re allowed.

You won’t be able to remember them? That’s probably true, but with a copy of the free SmartUtils Easy Password to hand that simply won’t be necessary.

To use the program, all you need do is remember a single Master Password. And this doesn’t have to use numbers, mix upper or lower case letters or be otherwise too complicated.

Then, to create a password for a site, simply enter its URL, and optionally your username, and click the Generate button. And Easy Password will produce a secure logon such as “QIwtR8fCX6aBpjXq”, “WqluW0XqNUhBKtn5″ or something similar, which you can use to create an account at first and log in later.

This immediately makes password management a lot easier. You don’t have to remember the logons for every site, for instance; just a single master password and the URL will be enough to recreate all your passwords at some later date.

And it also means SmartUtils Easy Password doesn’t have to worry about storing your passwords in some encrypted database. In fact the entire program comes in the form of a single portable executable.

This does also mean it’s a little on the basic side, of course. You can’t choose the format of your passwords, for instance (length, usable character types or anything else). And there’s no option to automatically type your password: you must copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into your browser.

Still, SmartUtils Easy Password is a simple and straightforward alternative to more complex password managers, and it’s certainly better than using the same easily-guessable password for a number of websites.

Photo Credit: marekuliasz/Shutterstock

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