AOKP Jelly Bean Build 2 is available

There's an encore to Jelly Bean Build 1. Android Open Kang Project team has announced the availability of the second release named Jelly Bean Build 2 that should be even more impressive that the first.

So what's new? AOKP Jelly Bean Build 2 is based on Android 4.1.1 , build number JRO03L and adds stability improvements, improved functionality and larger supported devices list, that now includes Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless and even the venerable Samsung Galaxy S. As a nice bonus for Google Nexus 7 (grouper) owners, 720p video recording is enabled for the front-facing camera.

From Jelly Bean Build 1 the list of supported devices includes the following as well:

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE for Sprint -- toroplus
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus S 4G -- crespo4g
  • Samsung Captivate -- captivatemtd
  • Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless -- d2vzw
  • Samsung Galaxy S -- galaxysmtd
  • Samsung Galaxy Note -- n7000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with cellular connectivity -- p3100
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi only -- p3110
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with cellular connectivity-- p5100
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi only -- p5110
  • Samsung Fascinate -- fascinatemtd
  • Samsung Mesmerize -- mezmerizemtd
  • Samsung Showcase -- showcasemtd
  • Motorola XOOM for Verizon Wireless -- stingray
  • Samsung Vibrant -- vibrantmtd
  • Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi -- wingray

The list of new features is even more impressive, as it includes the following:


  • Kill all button in Recents panel
  • Backlight settings
  • Tablet UI on any device
  • DPI switcher
  • Custom Vibrations for Phone Calls
  • ADB over network
  • National Data Roaming option
  • Volume music controls
  • LED Brightness control
  • Charging LED
  • Boot animation preview
  • Allow full theming of Contacts & Mms
  • Allow to set color of Digital Clock Widget
  • Power menu options (airplane, screenshot, navbar toggle)
  • Ability to answer calls with hardware Home button (Winter is coming!)


  • Custom Ring targets
  • Allow up to 7 Nav buttons on some devices


  • IME Toggler
  • Hide ADB icon
  • Allow disabling of volume adjust sound
  • Hide signal bars
  • WeatherPanel
  • WiFi & Cell signal text


  • Allow rotation on any device
  • Added back Info-Lines (Weather, Calendar)
  • Menu unlock
  • Alternative music layout


  • Timer snapshot
  • Volume zoom
  • 720p recording support for grouper (front)


  • Display full date & time

There you have it -- Android Open Kang Project Build 2 in its full glory. It doesn't make popcorn...

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