Can iPhone 5 survive a coffee spill?

Waterproofing is one of the hottest trends in tech, as manufacturers release more devices resistant to spills and dunks. But this isn't a feature Apple touts for recently-released iPhone 5. Still, with all that aluminium and glass casing, you've got to wonder: Can iPhone 5 take a spill and survive? Android Authority puts the handset to the test.

Darcy LaCouvee is back, from Hong Kong, with the same iPhone 5 used in last week's drop test that left Samsung Galaxy S III shattered and Apple's mobile merely scuffed. The good folks at Android Authority sent me a link to the video on Friday, but I waited to post, seeing it as good Sunday fare. Three tests: Coffee spill, coins and keys scratching and full water immersion for 15 seconds.

You'll have to watch the video to find out if iPhone 5 survived any or all the tests, but LaCouvee's closing comment says much: "The bar has been raised. Android manufacturers are going to have to create better-quality devices from here on in if they want to compete with the iPhone 5". Remember, this is Android Authority not some iPhone idolater website.

By the way, LaCouvee speaks about the rice trick like it's common knowledge but perhaps not for some readers. Sometimes water-damaged phones can be saved by putting them in a container of rice, which soaks up the liquid, for about a day. Buddy of mine dropped his iPhone 4 in the backyard swimming pool and pulled it out in a few seconds. The malfunctioning device revived after using the rice trick. What a guy. He gave the water-damaged/recovered iPhone 4 to his wife and replaced it with the 4S.

Everyone evaluating iPhone 5, or any other smartphone, should ask about water resistance, particularly those idiots people who talk and text on the toilet. Surely someone has dropped iPhone in the commode, where, depending on what's in there, pulling it out quick might not be an easy option.

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