Which survives the drop test, iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III?

I love these informal drop tests. They're unscientific (remember Chaos Theory, anyone?) but still give a glimpse of what to expect in real-world situations. Android Authority conducts one of the first, taking advantage of global time zones and iPhone 5 launching in Hong Kong long before the lines seriously queued in the United States today.

Darcy LaCouvee drops iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III from three different heights, in what he calls typical scenarios: pulling from the pocket, about four feet high (when lifting to ear) and from the head (here about 5 foot 6 inches). For anyone considering either of these flagship smartphones, damage from drops is a serious consideration. Because most carriers subsidize purchase prices, replacement costs can be considerably higher -- more like $600 instead of the original $200, for example.

Something else: Apple provides affordable additional protection. Samsung, like most other smartphone manufacturers, does not. AppleCare+ adds an extra year to the warranty and cheap phone replacement, all for $99 at time of purchase (or within 30 days subjected to gruelling phone inspection). Apple Store will replace busted iPhones up to two times, for $49 each instance. But do you even need that? Watch the video and decide.

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