BBC releases iPlayer Radio

If you're a fan of British Broadcasting Corporation radio programs then you're going to love this. Today, BBC announced the new iPlayer Radio for "PC, mobile and tablet" devices.

BBC iPlayer Radio promises to act as a dedicated radio platform that focuses on making it easier to listen to live, catch-up and archived content across all three types of devices on which it runs on. According to the BBC, the feature set will expand in the coming months, but at the moment includes downloads, clips, live radio alongside videos and social media feeds as well as other features. The spotlight is the new iPlayer Radio app for smartphones, which momentarily is only available for iOS with Android support to follow soon according to the announcement.


Using the smartphone app users can:

  • Set up alarms to listen to favorite DJs or radio programs
  • Discover what tracks are playing and share them with friends
  • Set a reminder to know when a specific show is playing
  • Reveal on-demand catch-up content on every station by swiping
  • Lsten the entire range of BBC Radio stations live by spinning through the dial

Daniel Danker, BBC general manager for online content, says that iPlayer Radio targets "an audience that expects to access our content anywhere" as well as one "that wants greater choice and control" over the program.

The mobile availability is determined by growing demand that, according to BBC, has increased year over year by 300 percent to 1.2 million iPlayer requests for tablet users, and 56 percent to 2.8 million requests for mobile/smartphone users.

5 Responses to BBC releases iPlayer Radio

  1. psycros says:

    Or they could have just made their content available via podcasts and other standard formats. A special-purpose media player is hardly anything to cheer about..we need to be moving away from that model.

  2. UnoTelly says:

    Too bad iPlayer only works in UK. For those who want to watch iPlayer outside UK, you can use IP changer like to access iPlayer and watch all the shows.

    • swattz101 says:

      It would be nice if there was a legitimate way to access it. Of course, I understand it goes both ways. I would love to be able to put iPlayer on my US based PS3. I’ve even tried to watch a few shows through the BBC website, and it’s been hit or miss.

  3. Yet more pandering to iSheep, brought to you by Apple, the company as far removed as you can get from the BBC's public corporation ethos, unlike Android's open source roots. I know, I know, it is all down to Adobe and Flash, but in that case hold back the launch until the BBC's engineering geniuses have fixed it.

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