FlicFlac reduces audio conversion to the click of a button

Converting audio files from one format to another can sometimes feel like rather a complicated process, where you need to browse device profiles and codecs, bit rates, encoding methods, sample rates and more. If you’re more interested in simplicity, though, you might prefer FlicFlac, which reduces most conversion processes to the click of a button and a quick drag and drop.

The program is portable, for instance, so easy to use anywhere. Just download the 896KB archive and unzip it where required. Next, choose your preferred output by clicking one of five buttons: FLAC, WAV, MP3, OGG or APE.

Finally, drag and drop your source files (again, FLAC, WAV, MP3, OGG and APE are supported) onto the program, then just watch as FlicFlac uses various free conversion tools (FLAC.EXE, LAME.EXE and so on) to convert them to your preferred format.

And there is a little more functionality here, if you need it. Optional Explorer integration allows you to run conversions from the right-click context menu, for instance. There are a few basic encoding options available when writing MP3′s. And an INI file helps you customise various low-level aspects of how the program works.

Even taking this into account, FlicFlac plainly has some major limitations. The list of supported audio formats is a little short, for example (WMA would have been useful). And it provides very little control over the conversion process. You can’t even choose an output folder.

If the formats on offer are sufficient for your needs, though, the program’s simplicity and ease of use mean it could prove useful.

And if there’s just one feature you wish FlicFlac had, then the good news is that it’s open source, so you can always download the core AutoHotkey script and amend it to do whatever you like.

Photo Credit: ARENA Creative/Shutterstock

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